Day of Coordinating



During your ceremony we make sure all flower arrangements and other decoration are placed as you would like. We guide guest to the appropriate seating areas. We assist in making sure all personal flowers are distributed correctly. We communicate with the officiant and DJ/Musician for cues on when to begin. We make sure the ceremony starts and ends accordingly. Finally we make sure the recessional goes as planned and the guest are guided to cocktail hour.



We guide guest from cocktail hour to the designated reception area. We gather all those apart of the grand entrance and get them lined up. After the grand entrance is completed we continue as planned. We will make sure all vendors are working together to keep things moving according to the timeline. We make sure all gifts, decorations, and personal belongings are secured in a designated vehicle/room before the reception completes. Throughout the reception we make sure the bride/groom as well as guest are well taken care of. At the close of the reception we make sure everything is taken care of based off the vendor contracts.  


Ceremony and Reception

Some people only need a coordinator for the ceremony and some only need a coordinator for the reception. It is solely based on where you feel you will need someone to maintain the fluidity of the event and take care of things for you. When we are hired for ceremony and reception we are with you from the very start till the very end. The great thing about having us at both is you have nothing to worry about or handle personally because we will take care of everything the entire wedding.